Move-Out Information

Providing Proper Notice:

  • Please fill out the “Move-Out” notice form when your entire apartment is vacating – DO NOT use this form when only one roommate or part of the apartment is moving out
  • Move-Out Notice (PDF)
  • All occupants (original tenants and sub-tenants) must sign the same move-out form
  • If your apartment prefers an earlier or later move-out date than your lease end date please contact the office for details and/or approval
  • Please provide a valid mailing address for the return of your security deposit.  All occupants in the apartment must agree on the same mailing address. Alternatively, residents may request to pick up the check at the office.
  • Submit completed move-out forms to the office in person, via mail, or email (

Preparing for your move-out:

  • If you have an automatic online bill pay option for rent payments please make sure this is set to end on your last month of occupancy
  • The apartment will receive a move-out packet with a Ziploc baggie to return all apartment keys to the office.  The packet will also quote you on the last month’s rent which may be prorated if your move-out date is mid-month.
  • Please review the move-out checklist carefully – start preparing early and do not wait until the last minute to do things like mail forwarding, hiring a mover, discarding trash/items
  • If you have any bulky items (mattresses, futons, sofas, etc.) or electronics (TV, monitors, etc.) please contact the office (  We may be able to offer flat rate hauling services for certain items.  For convenience, some items may be left in the unit for our crews to haul away once you have received permission to do so

Cleaning your Apartment:

  • The #1 tip is to start early – do not wait until the last minute.  Talk with your roommates now and discuss who will be responsible for specific cleaning duties and/or removing furniture
  • Check your apartment for any carpet stains or heavily soiled areas that may require steam cleaning
  • Residents may wish to consider hiring a professional cleaning service.  The office can provide a quote or offer a flat rate cleaning option for most apartments.  In some cases, the office will coordinate our cleaners to clean the apartment after you move-out – please contact us early to inquire about this option as spots are limited.
  • If residents hire their own cleaners they should provide a copy of the receipt to the office when keys are returned.  It is highly recommended that you show your cleaners the move-out checklist as any missed items may still affect the deposit.
  • Review the move-out checklist – most cleaning deductions will be listed on the checklist form
  • The most commonly missed issues are bathroom/kitchen areas – the inside of kitchen appliances (fridge, microwave, stove, oven) should be cleaned and free of crumbs/grease
  • Please note that we do not charge residents to clean/replace the grease drip pans on electric stoves.  The general surface of the stovetop should still be cleaned.
  • Minor paint chips/scratches are considered “normal wear and tear” – residents should NOT touch-up paint.  Major paint damage (large dents, gashes, etc.) may be considered as “damage”

Mail Forwarding

  • Forward your mail with USPS Online Form
  • Remember to update your mailing address for these common entities:
    • UC Berkeley (financial aid office, diploma/registrar office, student job/work study, tax forms / paychecks, etc.)
    • Employer (current and former employers may mail tax forms with your SSN 1-year after your move-out)
    • Banking institutions (credit card statements, bank statements, etc)
    • Magazines / newspapers
    • Voter registration
    • Department of Motor Vehicles (Driver’s license and/or car registration)
  • Delete your old mailing address from online retailers and make sure the old apartment address is not on the ‘1-click’ option (, Zappos, etc)

Move-Out Day:

  • All keys should be returned to the office by 12:00 PM (NOON) as specified in both the move-out form and your lease agreement.  Please note it is NOT midnight or end of business day
  • Residents will accrue daily use/rent charges until all keys are returned to the office – please make sure one roommate does not accidentally take a key set away with them
  • Please use the Ziploc baggie provided in the move-out packet to return ALL keys together
  • If you have multiple roommates moving out at different times/days it is recommended that all keys be left with the roommate moving out last so all keys can be returned together.
  • DO NOT leave the keys in the unit – bring the Ziploc bag with all the keys to the office directly.  If we are open you may bring it direct to the front desk.  The rent drop box can also be used to return keys to our office
  • DO NOT leave loose keys in the drop box
  • Charges will apply for any “lost” or kept keys
  • Please make sure you return all keys (mailbox, garage, laundry, storage, trash, common area, and unit keys)
  • NEVER mail keys in a standard envelope – USPS processing may cause the keys to bend or puncture envelopes.  Many keys mailed to the office are lost during processing by the post office.  Residents are charged for all lost keys.

Security Deposit:

  • The security deposit is generally returned within 21 days of your move-out date
  • If you do not receive your deposit after 21 days please notify our office via ( so we can look into the issue
  • Any deductions will be itemized by category and cost
  • Most common deductions: carpet stains, soiled kitchen appliances
  • Deductions may also include unpaid rent, accumulated late fees, and other items
  • If you have any questions regarding the deposit please email