Rent / Payments

Types of Payment Methods Accepted for Rental Payments:

AP Management accepts personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s/bank checks for rental payments.  Our company does not currently accept credit / debit cards, e-transfers, or cash payments directly for monthly rent.

Checks may be mailed to our office or dropped off in person.  A 24/7 drop box is located by the sidewalk entrance of our office for your convenience.  Checks should have your name clearly printed on the top left corner – there is no need to seal checks in an envelope or use post-it notes.

Pay Rent Online ACH or Credit card payments:

This feature is available through your tenant portal. Please note that ACH payments are completely free. Rent paid with a credit card or debit card are subject to a convience fee. The fee is a percentage of your rent which means the fees vary. This fee is not collected by our office but the company who provide access to yout online portal.

AP Management Tenant Portal Login

Online Bill Pay Option (Using Your Current Banking Institution):

Residents looking for an online option to save on postage or trips to the office may be able to set up online payments through their own banking provider.  This is generally a free service offered by most banking institutions (B of A, Wells Fargo, Chase, Schwab, etc.).

However, this is not an e-transfer or direct payment – all banking institutions will print out a physical check and mail it to our office.  This method may take 3-7 business days so residents should not use this option unless the delivery date falls before the date rent payments are considered late.

In order to avoid possible late fees, most banking institutions allow customers to set up online bill payments in advance and postpone the payment.  Most banks will have a ‘guaranteed’ date when the payment check will arrive in the office.

Please note that most banking institutions will often ‘hold’ funds in a checking account when an online bill payment is initiated.  This ‘hold’ does not actually indicate that our office has received and deposited the check.  Residents will generally see a scanned check image with a stamped endorsement on the back in their online account when a check has been processed by our office.

To set up this service residents must log-in to their banking institutions website and follow these general steps:

1. Log-in to your banking institution’s website and look for an option called “Bill Pay”, “Pay Bills”, etc.

2. Select the option to “Add a Payee” or “Add a New Person”

3. Follow the instructions and fill in the required fields.  Most residents will need to use the following information:

AP Management
2115 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

4. If your banking institution requests an “Account Number” this field is can be filled out with a shorthand version of your apartment address OR the resident’s name (if a co-signer is paying for your rent).  For example, a resident living at 123 Apple St #11 can put “123 Apple #11” or “123A11” as an account number to bypass this step.

5. The next steps generally involve setting up the actual payment amount, choosing to set-up automatic payments, and the payment date.